Painted Pieces
is our repertoire – an ever growing series of unique garments.

Every Painted Series garment has its own soul and a unique story to tell. We love to let the garment speak and guide you through its history.
TABLEDRESS ARUBA                                 2011

— My bodice is based on Arubian traditional dress and was first made in paper in Amsterdam. Later on in Aruba, I continued growing into a large tablecloth providing enough room for a group of people to spend time embroidering me in togetherness, each in their own unique way.

Embroidery workshop at Unoca with artists from the area, Aruba



‘Table speech’ performance with Alydia Wever, reveiling the Table Dress and celebrating the gift of water

My robe is embroidered in togetherness, transforming me from a traditional dress into a modern, more abstract piece created from
the pleasure of collaboration between different masters.