NOVEMBER 12  2016

we launched our GOLDEN JOINERY game!
To learn more about it please visit

GOLDEN JOINERY is a non-commercial new clothing brand, developing in togetherness, initiated by Painted Series. Touched by the Japanese Kintsugi (golden joinery) technique, where broken porcelain is visibly healed with gold, Painted Series started to translate this gesture to fashion from 2013 on.

In playful workshops you are invited to repair a dear but broken garment with gold. A growing collection of clothes with visible golden repairs emerges.
Everyone participates directly in both creation and spreading of the brand;
the collection swarms immediately into the world; gathered online at

‘Practicing Solidarity’ -- ArtEZ Fashion Professorship
Arnhem 2021-22

We are excited to be part of this research project exploring and developing both critical theories and practices of making, wearing and embodying fashion.
Titled ‘Practicing Solidarity’, the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship invited seven critical fashion practitioners and/or fashion collectives to develop concrete concepts that contribute to a future in which solidarity, empathy, connection, agency, well-being and care are central values. 

Femke de Vries --Sanne Karssenberg -- Andrea Chehade -- Chet Bugter -- Painted Series -- Zinzi de Brouwer -- z o m e r k a m p collective

For Practicing Solidarity, Painted Series will explore solidarity through ‘opening' garments. They will invite a group of young people who have a bond (a class, friends, a band ) to cut a piece from a loved garment. Each cut-out will be exchanged and integrated into a piece of clothing owned by a friend.
A bandage has been designed to join the separate parts. By sharing and exchanging, something new is created for everyone, that is also connected to the other. Not only is the garment ‘opened’, but also the identity of both individual and group – creating new bonds.

Brussels 2021

We are thrilled to tell you that Painted Series has been invited by

MAD to present at the United Fashion Festival, that imagines and initiates a different future for fashion. A future in which we’re all, both industry and consumers, hungry for less and better.

From 1 April till 6 June, MAD Brus­sels gives the stage to 40 for­ward look­ing design­ers and their cre­ations dur­ing the Unit­ed Fash­ion Fes­ti­val. Through an exhi­bi­tion, an exper­i­men­tal fash­ion col­lec­tion and a set of talks and work­shops, the fes­ti­val exam­ines what fash­ion can be.

Annelie Bruijn for Disegnodaily -- Instagram take-over      2020 

In August 2020 Annelie Bruijn was invited to do a takeover of the Disegno Instagram account. 

We always love when Annelie uses the Painted Series pieces in her beautiful tactile work. We share a love for the handmade and unique quality of garments made by different hands


Wendelien Daan and Mary-Lou Berkulin for Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA’20/21)

Photography: Wendelien Daan 2020
styling: Mary-Lou Berkulin
models: Liv ten Thije (black & white) / Lisette Ros (colour image)