SALON/Aruba       TABLEDRESS ARUBA workshop              2011

Generously hosted by UNOCA at Scola di Arte, Painted Series did a 2 day workshop inviting people from the island Aruba and from The Netherlands to embroider the lap of Tabledress Aruba in togetherness.

“Table Dress” is a parable for Painted Series’ raison d'être – reinvigoration through collaboration. Painted Series is convinced that newness doesn’t necessarily equal advancement and there is an imperative to inventively preserve bygone skills and practices.

Their clothes are constructed so the making process is the actual design process that illustrates strong skills and good design, and this is where Painted and Salon/ share common ground. A kind of clothes far removed from standardization – personalized, individualized pieces as a rule, and that philosophy is applied to the ‘Tabledress’  to fit the ‘personality’ of the table.

Jocko Weyland on Painted Series, New York 2011