Painted Pieces
is our repertoire – an ever growing series of unique garments.

Every Painted Series garment has its own soul and a unique story to tell. We love to let the garment speak and guide you through its history.

Painted the Party / Arnhem Mode Biennale, 2009

For this occasion Painted Series made garments for each other,
to be worn at a party;
an exploration on how to make clothing
in interaction with the future wearer

Interviewing the other,
standing by her/his own wardrobe

Who would you like to look like for a day?

                                                                 ‘Where, from which part of your body, would you like a garment to start?’

‘What is your favorite piece of clothing and why?’

‘For which occasion in your life would you have special garments made?’



—As a garment with a soul, I grew out of dedication and adventure.
There was no plan for me in advance.


‘Which piece of clothing would you never throw away?’

Seen in several places at the Mode Biennale:
- Painted the Party, a pavilion in the Eusebiuschurch being part of the exhibition SHAPE.
- Painted-à-Porter, for sale and to order at the store Coming Soon, Kerkstraat 23.

- Painted the Movie by Freudenthal/Verhagen, on view in their exhibition Holy House! at

  Museum of Modern Art Arnhem

- Hands on Embroidery will take place on the 20th of June, a lecture and a workshop by

  Painted in the sequence of ‘Shaping Heritage’ at Coming Soon.