Painted Pieces
is our repertoire – an ever growing series of unique garments.

Every Painted Series garment has its own soul and a unique story to tell. We love to let the garment speak and guide you through its history.

        — We were made for the exhibition ‘Gone with the Wind’ at Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen.

Ripened over time and allowing coincidence in the making process we came into being like driftwood. The inspiration for our creation came from the old boats in the Zuiderzeemuseum that were laying on the shore.

We came into being like driftwood,

being washed up on the line

where land and the sea meet


ripened over time and allowing coincidence

     we emerged like driftwood


We have been passed on during the making process --

growing garments in togetherness,

that could never have been

designed by a single person