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Painted Series is a hybrid fashion collective, led by fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and performance director Margreet Sweerts, collaborating with kindred spirits in a varying line-up.

Painted Series explores new ways to develop and distribute clothing and likes to blur the lines between fashion and performance, expanding the idea of what a garment can be.

We believe in the pleasure and strength of developing clothes in togetherness and wish to revive almost forgotten crafts, a tribute to human dignity and delicate beauty.

Each piece grows out of different hands, worked on in sequence by designers and artisans of nearly forgotten techniques.
To bring these crafts into the future, we explore connecting machine made and hand made, taking care for people and materials: Future Roots.

Reciprocity is our aim in each collaboration, sharing knowledge and the joy of making garments.

Painted Pieces Uniques are made to measure like couture, each piece emerging in close dialogue with the person who will wear it.

Painted-à-Porter are small series that can be reproduced, yet each piece made unique by use of handicraft.
Golden Joinery is a step further in inviting people to involve in their own garment by repairing it with gold when it’s broken.

The garments are all part of an ever-growing series, like a band’s repertoire.

Unrestricted by time, place or seasons, Painted Series presents in its own rhythm and by invitation. A life story in garments

I am Treasure top, a garment in progress.

I emerged from the spirit of an Antique Bulgarian family dress to which different generations
 have added personal elements.
A celebration of community life.
I started to grow from my heart, first a gemstone, than slowly growing into a flower 

I will always be open-ended

The beauty and soul
 in this layered garment grew out of different hands in time.


Painted Series
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