SASKIA VAN DRIMMELEN  is a fashion designer, specialist in techniques that generate fabric like needlepoint lace, bobbin lace, bead embroidery, a dedicated mother and artschool teacher living and working in Amsterdam.

Saskia van Drimmelen (1968, The Netherlands) graduated from the Fashion Department of the Arnhem Academy of Arts in 1993.
She presented her first fashion collection in Paris in 1994 as part of Le Cri Néerlandais, a group of six young and promising Dutch designers, including Pascale Gatzen, Marcel Verheijen, Lucas Ossendrijver and Viktor & Rolf.

Known for her refined and conceptually constructed women’s collection, Saskia sold in leading boutiques such as Colette (Paris), Browns (London) and Van Ravenstein (Amsterdam). Museums worldwide exhibited and bought her work, Adidas asked her to design a sneaker; one of the first brand collaborations.
In 2003, Saskia showed her last VAN DRIMMELEN collection at Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris. After nine years creating two collections per year, working day and night in the demanding fashion industry, she decided to reconsider her presence in the fashion world.

For some years she layed low and did what she felt like doing most; from singing in a band to teaching at art schools and making stage clothes for Dutch rockstar Anouk. 

In 2007 Van Drimmelen started working towards her wish to collaborate on all creative and operational aspects and to follow her passion for nearly forgotten crafts. She initiated PAINTED SERIES — an embrace of the handmade as opposed to manufactured clothing.

In Bulgaria she discovered beautiful antique family pieces to which several generations have added personal elements. These became the starting point for a new way of collaborative working.
Together with the designers she invited, field trips were made to Bulgaria, where they encountered the handful of women who still master beautiful ancient techniques like needlepoint lace and cord embroidery and new collaborations were born.

The start of fashion collective PAINTED SERIES — the start of a story in garments.