Painted A M U S E                  Amsterdam Fashion Week 2010

Painted is very happy to announce that we present our work on the Amsterdam International Fashion Week during the opening soirée on Wednesday januari 27th.

Painted A M U S E

A muse is a muse is a muse…
A person to believe in

… to treasure
… to see the beauty of
… to follow by skin

Muse yourself and be a muse to us.

We wish to make clothes in a very playful and personal way,
garments we create with you that will stay with you forever.

Special thanks to
Ilja, Winona, Noa, Djuwa, Aaron Cole, Sylvie Zijlmans (foto), Una (model), Hewald Jongenelis,
Jan Schoon, Peter Leferink, Amsterdam International Fashion Week