FUTURE ROOTS – Summerschool Know How/ Show How    Sofia, Bulgaria    2016

'Future folklore' project always starts from the abundance that is locally present in terms of heritage, talent and techniques and what nature offers on site.

Upon invitation by Dima Stefanova, founder of Know How/Show How, for the Summer School in Sofia, Painted Series proposed to work with a group of students interested in fashion and crafts, to examine the patterns and symbolic meaning of ancient folklore clothing and translate them into a contemporary form language referring to these pieces. 

Visiting the Etnographical Museum in Sofia, we were given the opportunity to take a close look at stunning work in antique pieces, before adopting this beauty in a contemporary ‘fashionable’ way.  A Bulgarian handicraft technique was passed on by two masters in Keneta.

Participants are emerged into the design methods and body of thought developed by Painted Series; designing with each other during the making process, sharing knowledge, the renewed use of traditional handicraft techniques.  Getting out of our personal ‘comfort zone’, to meet each other by and in the work and experience the pleasure of making in togetherness.
During the working process the participants conceive 'heritage' both on a personal and cultural level.

The workshop led up to a performative way of revealing and unfolding the work grewn out of different hands on the closing day.

Lecture by Painted Series during the open program of the 2016 Know-How Show-How Summer school at the Theater hall of Sofia University.