HANDS ON – Coming Soon, Arnhem   2009

During Arnhem Mode Biennale, Judith ter Haar as guest curator designed and hosted a series of afternoons touching on the social and philosophical side of fashion and design. Sharing and passing on personal heritage forms the common thread in 4 different, yet connected workshops in the courtyard of Coming Soon store in Arnhem. Memories, craftsmanship, ideas and food were shared and passed on around a table with 30 invited people.

In the first afternoon Maarten Kolk and his invitees worked with plants and natural dye.
These beautifully coloured yarns formed an inviting start for the ‘Hands on Embroidery’ workshop by Painted Series, working on a large tablecloth in togetherness. 
In the weeks after Sander Luske worked with his guests on porcelain and Arnout Visser on glass. 

The grand finale was a set table/ gesamtkunstwerk grown out of 240 hands where Jeroen van Werven cooked a beautiful lunch!